Cheap Iphone i9 and Iphone i9b with High Quality and Cool Appearances

Published: 02nd October 2010
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Among many other features that I will discuss later, a feature that stands out in the Iphone I9 is that it is Java enabled, and therefore third party applications and software can be downloaded giving it expandability. This means that the office bug can run window's applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook that was not possible before. Also, the gamester can freak out on captivating Java games. Another interesting feature of Iphone i9 is the increased memory. The memory of the Iphone i9 can be expanded up to 8GB as compared to the 2GB of the original. Yes, it was earlier available with 4GB, but recent handsets are packing the whopping 8GB of memory. Sleek and elegant in appearance, the Iphone i9 is a tad slimmer, smaller and lighter. It has manageable dimensions and suits the user's ego as well as his pocket as a new generation phone.The Iphone i9 does not cost much. You can often find them in the low $100 range. Considering all that you are getting, this is a great phone that is absolutely worth the money if a clone is what you are looking for.

The Iphone i9b differs from the Iphone i9 in some functions though they bear much similarities. Most people consider the i9B more of a third generation (3G) type phone. One example of the features associated with this is the life video conferencing. You can talk with, and interact with someone via video using this phone. The Iphone i9 does not have this. The Iphone i9b has firmware that has been upgraded slightly. And, the appearance is more similar to the iPhone 3G with the rounded back. But the Iphone Mobile Phone - IPhone I9B is a bit larger and heavier than iphone i9. It weighs about 90 grams and has the dimensions of 110 x 60 x 11.5 mm; in contrast, the Iphone i9b weighs 135 grams and measures 115 X 63 X 12 mm. However, this is only a slight difference. This will not be a huge factor for many people, but folks who have the smallest model as their criteria and don't really care about the upgrades may like the Iphone i9 better.

If you feel that you need the latest appearance, want the rounded back, extra icons, or another color, and also, if you have the need for the live video conferencing, then you would need the Ipone i9b. Otherwise, Iphone i9 can also be one of your best choice. If you want to buy these two models, can be your best choice. It is a China Online Marketplace and the two models are selling hot in it. I can share a coupon that can cut 10% off the prices with you, the code is ACD8J.

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