Multi-Function Car DVD Player, BMW M5 Car Navigation System DVD

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Published: 06th January 2011
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BMW M5 Car Navigation System DVD TV Radio iPod RDS Bluetooth CAN BUS is the multi-function car dvd player in BMW series. With this 7 inch touch screen BMW E39 car DVD, your driving life will never be dull and boring, this DVD player will bring a great deal of entertainment for you and your passengers. It can support Bluetooth, GPS and steering wheel function, which will let your driving be safer and happier. Now letís get t the BMW navigation DVD in details.

This BMW Navigation DVD fits for following BMW Car

BMW 5 E39 Series: 1996 to 2001-E39 (BMW Old 17-Pin connector) (BMW X5 / BMW M5)

BMW 5 E39 Series: 2002 to 2003-E39 (BMW new 40-Pin connector)

BMW X5 E53 : 2000 to 2001-E53 (BMW Old 17-Pin connector)

BMW X5 E53 : 2002 to 2007-E53 (BMW new 40-Pin connector)

Only the original CD are accepted by the car vehicles!

Featured Functions

GPS and Dual Zone Function

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based global navigation satellite system that provides reliable location and time information in all weather and at all times and anywhere on or near the Earth when and where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites. With GPS dual zone you can enjoy music or listening to the radio while using GPS. This offers safer and happier driving for you.

iPod Function

iPod is a portable media player designed and marketed by Apple. The standard iPod communication port is perfectly added in this DVD via special control cable, therefore, you can directly control the iPod by touching screen.

Bluetooth Function
Using Bluetooth to contact and transfer information is the main phenomenon as seen in car driving and mobile phone. Without any wire or phone bracket, the driver can also control the phone nearby while driving. You need to match the mobile phone with the car audio first. Once there is a calling, you can answer only by pressing one key. Use the dial keyboard while you need to make a call. It is safe and convenient especially when you drive on the road.

TV Tuner Function

With TV tuner function in your in dash Navigation DVD you can enjoy TV conveniently, a TV tuner allows you to receive signals on your television, and thus receive different channels. It converts signals into pictures and sounds. DVB-T function can be optional.

Steering Wheel Control

Drivers can directly control the car DVD player while driving on the road via the Steering Wheel Control Function. Drivers can intently focus straight ahead, which will make driving safer.

Auto Rear Viewing Function

Rear view function is designed for automobiles and other vehicles, allowing the driver to see rearward. It is believed that safety is the most important. With this auto rear viewing system, you can easily get to know the situation around your car. While parking, the car can be placed in safety.

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